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A Fairtrade Parish


When tea and coffee are served at parish meetings it is always Fairtrade tea or coffee.

Any product bearing the Fairtrade logo (seen above) is sold with a guaranteed part of the price going to the producer.  These producers are in third world countries struggling to make a living.  Giving them a guaranteed price protects them from market fluctuations which are often unpredictable and have a devastating effect.  Without this protection small farmers and their families can be reduced to starvation.  Most large supermarkets stock a range of Fairtrade products.

Traidcraft (see under Parish Groups) is a company founded by churches to market Fairtrade products.  In addition to giving producers a fair price, Traidcraft profits help to improve the infrastructure of their communities,  for example, by laying in a clean water supply.

St Joseph’s is committed to promoting Fairtrade goods and encourages parishioners to consider buying Fairtrade when doing their shopping,  especially for food, flowers and beauty products.  It is a simple way of showing our concern for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Further detail is available from the following websites:

The Fairtrade Foundation -

Traidcraft -

Fairtrade & Traidcraft Goods -

Our Local Traidcraft Co-ordinator -


Cameroon Education Fund

Our parish set up this project to assist in paying the school fees for some of the orphaned and vulnerable children in the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon.  Over the last 12 years funds raised have helped each year approximately 240 children in primary schools and 20-30 children in secondary schools across the Diocese.  We would like to thank everyone who has supported this project most sincerely for their generous giving over the years.  Sadly, the number of orphans continues to rise and there are now over 15,000 orphans in the Diocese.


“Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life”.
Pope Francis 2014