Could you do it? Could you sleep outside in a cardboard box for one night?

This year’s Slough Sleepout for the Homeless is on Saturday 23 November at St Bernard’s School, Slough SL3 7AF. It is an opportunity for everyone aged 16 or over to get involved; supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves by sleeping outside for one night in a cardboard box. The Sleepout will take place in a fully managed, secure environment and we will supply the cardboard box, refreshments and entertainment. This event is critical to the success of the Slough Winter Night Shelter as it is our main event for raising the funds needed to run the night shelter every night from January to the end of March (typically the coldest months of the winter). Please support us in whatever way you can, either by sleeping out and getting sponsorship or making a donation.

To register or donate, please go to The London and Slough Run website.

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