In order to keep each other safe, save lives and support the NHS, St Joseph’s Church, The Most Holy Name Church and the Bridgettine Convent are CLOSED.

For now, all our scheduled Masses at St Joseph's will be celebrated without a congregation and can be followed on our live stream:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am and 9am
  • Saturday: 10am and 5:30pm
  • Sunday: 7:45am, 9am, 11am and 5:30pm

Knowing that the Mass is being celebrated, participating spiritually in that celebration, following the prayers, making an act of spiritual communion – this is how we share in the Sacrifice of Christ at the current time.

Rosary will continue on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm, led by a priest in St Joseph’s Church, so that people can join together in prayer via the live stream.

Masses at The Most Holy Name in Denham and at the Bridgettine Convent in Iver Heath have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

We will do all we can to help and support you spiritually during this time.

The Parish Office is also CLOSED until further notice.  If you would like to speak to one of the priests, use the telephone to make contact in the first instance; please do not turn up at the Priory.  Should a visit be necessary, please observe social distancing for the health and safety of our priests.

During this closure every effort will be made to maintain the parish website, keep up to date with office emails and to continue producing a weekly parish newsletter.


The Catholic Church Bishops' Conference of England and Wales 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates can be found here.


Northampton Diocese Coronavirus Update


Following the advice announced by the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, we would like to reiterate that all Masses have been suspended this weekend. Our main priority is to protect those most vulnerable to the coronavirus and we know this is not a decision taken lightly.


This is not an easy time for any of us and many of you are understandably anxious. We know that God is always with us and in our times of greatest need He carries us.

We invite you to join us on Sunday at 11.00am online, when Bishop Elect David will be celebrating Mass for our diocese. Mass will continue to be celebrated from our Cathedral at 09.30am and 11.00am on Sundays. The Angelus will be led daily from our Cathedral at 12 noon.

A Video Message from Cardinal Vincent Nicholls may be found here.

Acts of Public Worship in Catholic churches