The remedial works to St Joseph’s Church roof are just about complete. All being well, the scaffolding on both the car park and Priory sides of the building will be removed before Easter. There is an issue with the church tower which requires attention so some scaffolding will remain in place to facilitate access. Thank you for your cooperation whilst the car park has been impacted.



Remedial works must be undertaken to St Joseph’s Church roof as a matter of urgency. As from Monday, 18 February contractors will be on site to effect these essential repairs. The first step, taking place during half term, will be to erect scaffolding to provide access to the roof. This means that several parking spaces adjacent to the building will be suspended, thus reducing the capacity of the car park. It is anticipated that these works will take up to six weeks. Every effort is being made to minimise disruption to the car park.

If the car park is full when you arrive for Sunday Mass, please use the overflow parking facilities at St Joseph’s School. Do not park on Priory Road, Priory Way or The Rowans. We also ask that you do not park in or around the corner of Bull Lane where it meets Austenwood Common. You are reminded that the driveway leading to the Priory from Bull Lane must be kept clear at all times for emergency access. Thank you for your co-operation.