The Carmelite Community looks forward to celebrating Christmas Masses with a congregation in St Joseph's Church and The Most Holy Name Church, as well as welcoming those joining us virtually via the live stream.

This year we had asked that people book in advance for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses - however bookings are now closed; please see the message below.  This is to help us prevent over-crowding in our churches and avoid disappointment should someone arrive for Mass and there is not enough space to accommodate them safely.  With the continued presence of the virus (and new variants) in the population, our priority is to create a safe environment for parishioners and visitors in our places of worship.

St Joseph's will be open for two Masses on Christmas Eve and for three Masses on Christmas Day.  Please note that we will not be having the traditional Children's Nativity in St Joseph's Church this year.  Holy Name will be open for one Mass on Christmas Eve and for one Mass on Christmas Day.

The wearing of face coverings or masks is required by law in all our churches (unless exempt).  We ask that you plan in advance and bring one with you – they are not provided.  Hand sanitiser is available for use when entering/exiting the buildings.  QR Codes for each church are displayed at doors in use for individuals to use.  Holy Communion continues to be distributed under one kind, in the hand only.  The toilets are open.

Booking is now closed.  The 5pm Mass on Christmas Eve is FULLY BOOKED.  There are spaces available at all other Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Should you arrive at church without a confirmed reservation, we hope to accommodate you.  If we do, we will ask for your contact details for test and trace purposes.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Mass Times at St Joseph's Church, Chalfont St Peter

Friday 24th December  Christmas Eve
No morning Masses
Family Mass at 5pm  FULLY BOOKED 
Christmas Mass at 10pm seats available

Saturday 25th December  Christmas Day – Feast of the Nativity
Mass at 7:45am seats available
Mass at 9am seats available
Mass at 11am seats available
No evening Mass

Sunday 26th December  Boxing Day – Feast of the Holy Family
Masses at 7:45am, 9am and 11am
No evening Mass

Monday 27th December  Mass at 10am

Tuesday 28th December  Mass at 10am

Wednesday 29th December  Mass at 10am

Thursday 30th December  Mass at 10am

Friday 31st December   Mass at 10am

Saturday 1st January  New Year’s Day – Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Mass at 10am followed by
Adoremus until 11:30am

Sunday 2nd January Second Sunday after Christmas
Masses at 7:45am, 9am and 11am
No evening Mass

Monday 3rd January  Bank Holiday
Mass at 10am

Tuesday 4th January  Mass at 10am

Wednesday 5th January  Mass at 10am

Thursday 6th January  The Epiphany of the Lord (Holy Day)
Masses at 7am, 9am and 7:30pm



Mass Times at The Most Holy Name Church, Denham

Friday 24th December  Christmas Eve
Carols at 8:30pm; Christmas Mass at 9pm seats available

Saturday 25th December  Christmas Day – Feast of the Nativity
Mass at 9:30am seats available

Sunday 26th December  Boxing Day – Feast of the Holy Family
Mass at 9:30am

Sunday 2nd January  Second Sunday after Christmas
Mass at 9:30am


Mass Times at the Bridgettine Convent, Iver Heath

For details of Christmas Masses at the Bridgettine Convent in Iver Heath, please contact the Bridgettine Sisters directly by email at or by phone on 01753 663520 or 01753 663027.

There is very limited space in the chapel so you need to book in advance if you wish to attend Christmas Mass (or any weekend Mass).  Please do not turn up without a reservation and expect a seat.  Bookings must be made via Ann Saunders.