*Please* No more clothing until further notice.  Thank you.

Making a Difference

With our united local effort to the Ukrainian appeal, we are effectively responding to the needs of refugees, especially those who are injured, misplaced and cut off from medical and basic food supplies in Ukraine. In the feedback being received we are assured that our donations not only have reached refugee centres in Poland but many other locations across the border in Ukraine. The recent outreach has provided aid to those in bomb shelters and a few hospitals - especially those being stripped of the essential medical and humanitarian aid still doing everything to help thousands of displaced and injured people. That’s why it is encouraging to know that our acts of giving make a difference, even if it is in a little way.


Report 27th May 2022

Here are the Items which are urgently needed:

  • All medications (must be in date)
  • Medical equipment e.g., crutches, walking frames, walking sticks, sling supports, wrist supports, knee and elbow protection, wheelchairs…
  • Food for babies and children e.g., milk, soft pouches, any dry food
  • Gluten free food -urgently required.
  • Medicine for babies and children
  • Blankets for hospitals (no duvets please)
  • Dry and easy to prepare food e.g., sachets of instant food, tins, protein bars and energy drinks for frontline
  • Sleeping bags and mosquito repellent for frontline
  • New or good as new summer clothes + shoes for adults, children and babies for refugee centres

Please bring donations to the MORTUARY CHAPEL inside the CHURCH, which is OPEN 0700 – 1730 midweek (side door) and Saturday/Sunday 0900 – 1830.

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Ukrainian people who received our donations send their heartfelt gratitude to us all.


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Report 20th May 2022

In one of the first trips to Ukraine in March, after dropping off the last of the supplies to one of the hospitals in Lviv, the ambulance (run by Julia and Chris) was approached by a lady who was extremely upset and crying. For the past 3 days she had been desperately trying to get help to take her son out of their flat and transport him over to Poland. The lady’s son (27yrs old) was severely disabled and unable to walk. Every time there was a bomb alarm, she couldn’t get him to the basement shelter and the only thing she could do was to lay next to him in bed and cover themselves with duvets and blankets, hoping at that time, the bomb wouldn’t drop on them. Our Paramedics didn’t hesitate for a second, they took the lady onto the ambulance and drove together to her flat. By using a carry chair, they managed to evacuate the young gentleman from the flat to the ambulance. They picked up their belongings, a special electric wheelchair, even their cat was placed into the parrot cage and began the journey back to Poland. As per latest update, they are in good health and spirit in Rome, Italy, living in a house adapted for the disabled people (including the cat).

Rescued child    Ambulance


St Joseph and SVP

St Joseph’s Parish involvement in this appeal is coordinated by our local St Vincent de Paul group.

Just to share on an international scale, the SVP has worked with its sister charity DePaul International which has been operating in Ukraine for over 15 years. At the start of the crisis, they quickly established a supply chain bringing food and medical supplies across the border from Slovakia into Ukraine. Within the first eight weeks, 150 tonnes of food were delivered to cities under siege, cities under threat, and to people in areas helping those fleeing to safety. Last week, over 8,000 people were fed in just one day.  Sadly, the number of people in need of food assistance is ever-growing, so the goal now, for De Paul International, is to increase the amount of aid to over 100 tonnes per week if funds and capacity allow.

In Kharkiv, one of their key roles is to deliver food baskets to the homebound; the elderly, the sick and disabled, or those with very small children who are unable to flee despite the danger they face. In some of the local areas, there are no shops, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries or pharmacies open - neither are there any aid organisations operating locally. In Odessa, the day centre is now a feeding station, and is now also functioning as an emergency medical service. The shelters are now full of women and children alongside the usual lonely and vulnerable people that are supported.

But back to how we can continue to make a difference from Gerrards Cross, Chalfont St Peter and our local area….

Here are the Items which are urgently needed:

  • Food, bottles and medicine for babies and children
  • Dry and easy to prepare food for the frontline workers.
  • Medications (they must be in date!)
  • Blankets and various medical equipment for hospitals like crouches, wheelchairs etc 
  • Sleeping bags, knee and elbow protection, mosquito repellent for the frontline
  • New/good as new summer clothes for (adults,children and babies) for refugee centres
  • Besides this we are still collecting items from the few previous lists.


Please bring donations to the MORTUARY CHAPEL inside the CHURCHwhich is OPEN 0700 – 1730 midweek (side door) and Saturday/Sunday 0900 – 1830.

In addition, the Amazon wish-list is here:

and the Amersham/ Chalfont Gofundme page is here: -

Here is a link to the Amersham and Chalfonts website, to which we transfer your donations.  You will see that our church features prominently on the site: -

Those who have received our donations send their heartfelt gratitude to us all.