In an Apostolic Letter entitled ‘With a Father's Heart’, the Pope has proclaimed a special ‘Year of St Joseph’, which will run until 8 December 2021.  It is written against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which, he says, has helped us see more clearly the importance of “ordinary” people who, though far from the limelight, exercise patience and offer hope every day.  In this, they resemble St Joseph, “the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence," who nonetheless played "an incomparable role in the history of salvation.”

Bishop David says “St Joseph doesn’t make a noise in the Gospel, he is gentle and hidden, full of humility and in so many ways a model for us, therefore of how we should deal with the world today.”

We will be honouring our parish patron throughout this special year.

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Our beautiful banners that hang in the church are inspired by the Litany of St Joseph (see below).  It sums up the qualities that made him such an important part of the Holy Family.  Each month we reflect on one of his many virtues.

September 2021: St Joseph the Just Man (MT 1:19)

What does it mean to call St Joseph a just man?

In the words of St Josemaría Escrivá, ‘‘St Joseph was an ordinary sort of man on whom God relied to do great things.  He did exactly what the Lord wanted him to do, in each and every event that went to make up his life.  That is why Scripture praises Joseph as ‘as just man’.

In Hebrew, a just man means a good and faithful servant of God, someone who fulfils the divine will, or who is honourable and charitable toward his neighbour.  So, a just man is someone who loves God and proves his love by keeping God’s commandments and directing his whole life towards the service of his brothers, his fellow men.

Joseph, the just man, lived by faith in all the circumstances of his life.  He loved Mary and he loved God.  In charity and with honour, he took time to discern what God was asking of him rather than reacting in haste.

Joseph Most Just, pray for us.

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Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis shares this prayer for each of us to pray:

     Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,
     Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
     To you God entrusted his only Son;
     in you Mary placed her trust;
     with you Christ became man.

     Blessed Joseph, to us too,
     show yourself a father
     and guide us in the path of life.
     Obtain for us grace, mercy, and courage,
     and defend us from every evil.


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Litany of St Joseph

Lord, have mercy.  Lord, have mercy.  
Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy.  Lord, have mercy.  
Christ, hear us.  Christ, graciously hear us.

God, the Father of Heaven,  have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,  have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,  have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,  have mercy on us.

Holy Mary,  pray for us.
Saint Joseph,  pray for us.
Renowned offspring of David,  pray for us.
Light of Patriarchs,  pray for us.
Spouse of the Mother of God,  pray for us.
Guardian of the Redeemer,  pray for us.

Chaste guardian of the Virgin,  pray for us.
Foster-father of the Son of God,  pray for us.
Diligent protector of Christ,  pray for us.
Servant of Christ,  pray for us.
Minister of Salvation,  pray for us.
Head of the Holy Family,  pray for us.

Joseph most just,  pray for us.
Joseph most chaste,  pray for us.
Joseph most prudent,  pray for us.
Joseph most courageous,  pray for us.
Joseph most obedient,  pray for us.
Joseph most faithful,  pray for us.

Mirror of patience,  pray for us.
Lover of poverty,  pray for us.
Model of artisans,  pray for us.
Glory of home life,  pray for us.
Guardian of virgins,  pray for us.
Pillar of families,  pray for us.
Support in difficulties,  pray for us.

Comfort of the afflicted,  pray for us.

Hope of the sick,  pray for us.
Patron of exiles,  pray for us.
Patron of the afflicted,  pray for us.
Patron of the poor,  pray for us.

Patron of the dying,  pray for us.
Terror of demons,  pray for us.
Protector of Holy Church,  pray for us.

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,  Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,  Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,  Have mercy on us.

V. He made him the lord of His household: 
R. And prince over all His possessions. 


Let us pray. 
O God, who in Thine unspeakable providence didst vouchsafe to choose blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Thine own most holy Mother: grant, we beseech Thee, that we may deserve to have him for our intercessor in heaven, whom we reverence as our defender on earth: who livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.