Weekly run suspended but soft fruits and non-perishable foods needed to feed homeless guests in isolation.  DO NOT BRING ANYTHING OTHER THAN FOOD AT THE MOMENT.

The weekly run to the homeless in London on Monday nights is suspended until further notice. We understand that our guests there have been accommodated for the time being.

With lock down extended, we continue to do a run every day to our guests who are in temporary accommodation around Slough and Maidenhead. We really need soft fruits such as bananas, oranges, satsumas, etc. We also welcome non-perishable goods such as cereals, rice, pasta (especially spaghetti) as well as tinned foods such as tomatoes, soups, etc. Please leave your contributions on the table outside the Parish Centre any day of the week and we will deliver them on your behalf.

If you are unable to contribute food due to the current situation, you can still support our work by making a financial donation.

Your donations and support are very much appreciated by our homeless guests at this difficult time.

For more information please see The London and Slough Run website.



Thoughts after the Night Shelter at Christ the Worker

Poem attributed to  Bill Birmingham


I ended up homeless; you gave me a bed.

I ended up starving; you gave me some bread.

I became dehydrated; you made me some tea

Whatever I needed, you offered to me.


I ended up homeless; I slept on the street.

I ended up starving; I’d nothing to eat.

I became dehydrated; was violently sick

And when you walked past, you gave me a kick.


I lost my employment: our lives were a mess,

You gave me some trousers and my girlfriend a dress.

When sickly you took me to see A & E

And waited behind until they had seen me.


I lost my employment: you gave me no job,

For some clothes to wear, I just had to rob.

When sickly you told me that I shouldn’t fuss

I could get to the hospital on the hospital bus.


When lying in hospital I became very bored

But you came to visit and cheered up the ward.

When I was imprisoned, you showed me you care

You went out of your way to visit me there.


When lying in hospital I became very bored

But you didn’t come as you knew not which ward.

When I was imprisoned, you didn’t dare

Come into the prison to visit me there.


Lord, when did I save you from a terrible fate?

When did I see you in such a bad state?

You might not have noticed, but I still could see

As you did it for him, you did it for me.


Lord, when did I leave you to such a bad fate?

When did I see you in such a bad state?

You might not have noticed, but I still could see

As you didn’t for him, you didn’t for me.


The King will divide the sheep from the goats.

He’s seen what you’ve done and has taken a note.

For those who took action there’s a place in his court

But no place for those giving others no thought.


On a cold winter's night you may sometimes think how

You can best make provision for the homeless in Slough.

Let me bring to your notice that just out of sight

There's a shelter providing a place for the night.


Could we recommend that there's something you oughta;

Become of the shelter a good will supporter.

For some years ago the work was begun

Please look on the web for the London and Slough Run.