Scrubs, the plain clothes and masks worn by medics when dealing with patients, and masks are being used by an increasing number of NHS staff as part of their personal protective equipment and changed more frequently in order to stop the spread of Covid-19.  As a result, the country is facing a national shortage, leaving healthcare staff vulnerable, so volunteer sewers around the country have come together to make up the shortfall.

The For The Love of Scrubs - Our NHS Needs You group was formed by Ashleigh Linsdell, an NHS nurse, initially to support her colleagues.  The demand, however, is national and the group has grown rapidly with over 52,000 members now and companies such as John Lewis and Morrisons lending their support.

One of our parishioners, Claire Wardman, who is currently on furlough from John Lewis, has been sewing scrubs for this group and would like to appeal to others in the parish for help.  

Some scrubs have already been sent to Wexham Park Hospital and local GP surgeries, but there is still a need for more, including local care homes.  Material, thread and pattern will be supplied and there are helpful tutorials available online...I had never set in a sleeve before!

If you are able to help please contact Claire, who has agreed to support the local coordinator, via OR go directly to the For The Love Of Scrubs Facebook page.