Our parish SVP group has been doing vital work during the Covid-19 pandemic but now they need your help. They have been delivering grocery supplies to vulnerable people who are shielding and can’t get out to their local shops, as well as providing food to those who are struggling to afford to feed their families.

The SVP saved my life.

Someone helped by the SVP

You have given me the means to feed my child while we are struggling in lockdown.

Someone helped by the SVP

In addition, they’ve been phoning or writing to lonely and isolated people, providing friendship and someone to talk to for those who can’t visit family and friends. But now they need your support in one of the following ways:

    Give a little bit of time to help; for example, with ‘knock and drop’ food deliveries.  If you are interested in joining our local group, please get in touch with Kasia or Stewart via the Parish Office.
    Send a cheque payable to “SVP – St Joseph Gerrards Cross E140305” c/o the Parish Office or make a Bank Transfer – the bank is Natwest, the Account Number is 46078843 and the Sort Code is 60-60-04.
    Have fun while raising money at the same time; there are lots of fun and creative ideas on the SVP website.

The SVP’s response to the current and very unusual time calls us all to reflect deeper, to listen attentively, to notice what really happens around us and to be more and more sensitive to the needs of others. There is a lovely prayer that sums this up quite well:

Let us be a people who notice.

Let us be a people who act.

Let us be a people who serve.

Let us be a people who give generously from all we have.

Let us be a people who welcome into a community.

Let us be a people who are in it for the long run.

Let us be a people who work to draw in support from other agencies.

Let us be a people who campaign for justice and give voice to the voiceless.

Let us be a people who pray.

Our local SVP has been rising to the challenge of helping those in need during the pandemic; will you now rise to the challenge of supporting them?

We were so very stuck, but your continuing support and friendship has given us hope.  I have never received so much help and support in all my life.  Thank you, SVP.

Someone helped by the SVP

You are my light in the darkness.

Someone helped by the SVP