There will be parish meetings in the new year for everyone to discuss the future of the Church, including our own Parish. Pope Francis wants all Catholics throughout the world to be involved in improving the Church. Our first session will take place on Saturday 15 January from 11am to 12:30pm. During the conversation, you will be asked what are your experiences of the Church, both positive and negative, as well as what is your dream for its future. All this is part of a process leading to the Synod of Bishops in 2023, on the subject of ‘Synodality’, which means ‘walking together’.

There will be Online Training for Local Listeners on Saturday 8 January 2022 from 1pm to 4pm. This is an afternoon looking at the practical skills we need to make the Synod happen. Anyone looking to sharpen up their listening skills or get involved in the synod process is welcome to attend. Click here to book your place.

Read what Bishop David has to say here, where you will also find reading materials and resources.