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Our Centenary

a message from Fr Michael...
This year we are giving special attention to the centenary of St Joseph’s.  100 years ago three Carmelite Fathers departed from Chesham Bois and settled in a country house that is now St Joseph’s.  Benefactors donated generously to build a little church that was expanded and blessed in 1963.  The Priory extension was opened in 1970.  There is a cycle of improving and beautifying and expanding that vibrates now.  Countless hours of prayer and meeting and teaching and preaching and praise and service go into our parish story.
This year jubilates with planned events.  The original benefactors and founding fathers would be proud of us.  They would think we are “go ahead” and we share what we have planned so far with you.
And so we journey into the centenary year with momentum.  On the way we will recall departed loved ones to whom we are forever grateful and Carmelite Fathers who have served at St Joseph’s.  We recall the devoted characters who make up the story of our parish.  At the end of the centenary year we will have a pictorial record of events of the year, and a resume of the past which, God willing, we’ll enjoy.

Baptism Congratulations

Fr Michael with the Cartwright, Evans, Najjar, Ruth and Shaw families whose children were baptised recently.  We ask God’s blessing upon them and their families.


Our History

St. Joseph's Church and Priory on Austenwood Common, Gerrard's Cross, has grown in two stages, from modest beginnings in 1913 to the large and flourishing church of today... Read more


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During Lent there are lots of ways we can prepare ourselves for Easter.  Our Lenten Programme 2015 lists various talks, events or services which you are invited to participate in.  Everyone is most welcome.

Follow our Family Calendar for Lent for simple and practical things to do each day which draw us closer to Jesus and help us to be more like him.

Father Liam Finnerty ODC will lead our Parish retreat at
Boars Hill Carmelite Priory near Oxford. Please return
you booking forms to the Parish Office as soon as
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th April
Fr Liam Finnerty ODC will lead our Parish Retreat at Boars Hill Carmelite Priory near Oxford.  The theme is "Practical Spiritual Guidance based on the Teachings of St Teresa of Avila".  Please return your completed Booking Form to the Parish Office as soon as possible.
As part of our centenary celebrations, we are launching a special raffle, called the Centenary 200 Club, to raise much needed funds towards the upkeep and refurbishment of Parish buildings.
We are still accepting applications.  50% of all monies raised will be given in prizes.

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Stations of the Cross
Takes place every Friday during Lent after 9am Mass in St Joseph’s Church
at St Joan of Arc School
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Diary Dates

Fr Christopher Jamison Lenten Talk - Thursday 26th March

St Teresa of Avila's 500th Birthday - Saturday, 28th March

Easter Sunday - Sunday, 5th April

Parish Retreat at Boars Hill - Friday, 17th to Sunday 19th April

Parish First Holy Communion - Sunday, 3rd May

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