The Latin word sacramentum means “a sign of the sacred.”  The sacraments are ceremonies that point to what is sacred, significant and important for Catholics, and are the life of the Church.  They are special occasions for experiencing God's saving presence and each one is an outward sign of an inward grace.  In worship, we give to God that which we owe Him; in the sacraments, He gives us the graces necessary to live a truly human life.


For Catholics, the Sacrament of Baptism is the first step in a lifelong journey of commitment and discipleship.  It removes the guilt and effects of original sin and incorporates the baptised into the church.  Whether we are baptised as infants or adults, Baptism is the church's way of celebrating and enacting the embrace of God.

In our parish, Baptisms are normally communal and take place on the second Saturday of the month at 11am.  Parents have an initial meeting with a priest and are then invited to attend three short sessions, led by catechists, to prepare them for the baptism of their child.  Please contact the Parish Office to make arrangements for this family celebration.