200 Club

In April, we were pleased to have 4 new members join bringing total membership to 198, with an increased monthly prize fund of £990.

The draw for April was held on Saturday 24th April and the winners are;

1st  Michael Murnane (£495.00)

2nd Jennifer Sharp (£247.50)

3rd  Florence Ruffles (£148.50)

4th  Eilish Kelly (£99.00)

Congratulations to all four winners!

St Joseph’s 200 Club is a parish fundraiser, which brings members together to take part in a monthly prize draw. From 1st May, we have reached maximum membership of 200 members. This results in an increased prize-fund of £1000 per month for members, with an equal amount raised for parish funds (maximum £12,000 per anum).

The 200 Club generally has two joining periods in the year; January (for membership from February to the following January) and July for memberships available for the 2nd 6 months of the membership year (August to January).

A “wait-list” is now in operation so if a current member does not renew their membership at the next renewal point, available memberships will then be allocated to a new member.

If you would like to put your name on the wait-list, please email the 200 Club directly 200club@stjosephs.org.uk or contact the parish office. Future memberships will be allocated as they become available, on a first come first serve basis.

The 200 Club is a annual parish fundraiser:

  • It’s a members prize draw with a maximum of 200 members.
  • Membership is £120 for the year (which runs from February - January) and each member is entered into 12 monthly draws. It is also possible to join mid-year if memberships are available, for £60 subscription for the remaining 6 monthly draws.
  • Members may pay the annual subscription in two instalments if preferred, first instalment of £60 by 10th February and the second instalment of £60 by 25th July.
  • 50 member prizes to be won each year! Four prizes each month plus two “Bonus” Prizes of £100 each” for Christmas and Parish Day or New Year.
  • The members prize-fund is 50% of proceeds; currently this is £1000 per month as we now have the maximum 200 members.
  • All proceeds are split 50:50 between parish funds and member prizes. This means that our 200 members together raise £12,000 per anum for parish funds.

St Joseph's 200 Club is an important annual fundraiser for the Parish, particularly at this time given the impact of Covid 19 on other sources of Parish fundraising. Your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you to all St Joseph’s 200 Club members.