200 Club

The 200Club restarted in July 2023 and is still accepting new members.

The Club brings members together to take part in a parish fundraiser through a monthly prize draw. Annual membership is set at £120 for entry to all the monthly draws for the year. All proceeds are  split 50:50 between parish funds and monthly member prizes. Please contact 200club@stjosephs.org.uk to register your interest and/or ask any questions.

St Joseph’s 200Club General Membership Information:

  • The 200 Club is an annual members’ prize draw club, with a maximum of 200 members. It is a parish fundraiser event with draws held monthly.
  • Membership is £120 for the membership year, which provides each member with entry to 12 monthly draws.
  • Currently the year runs from July through to June.  
  • New memberships are currently available for a pro rata payment for the remaining draws .
  • All proceeds are split 50:50 between parish funds and member prizes. Previously the scheme was very popular and when the full subscription of 200members was reached, raised £12,000 for parish funds.
  • The members prize-fund is 50% of proceeds, so if fully subscribed, the 1st prize is £500, 2nd prize £250, 3rd £150 and 4th prize is £100 for each monthly draw. Prizes are pro-rated if there are fewer than 200 members as there are at present.
  • Member prizes each month are paid by cheque.
  • Members may purchase more than one membership if desired, subject to availability.

Membership applications are now being accepted to complete an application simply email 200club@stjosephs.org.uk or send a note to the St Joseph’s 200 Club, C/o The Priory, with your contact details. The 200 Club Administrator will contact you with further details.

Thank you to all new and existing members for your support. St Joseph's 200 Club has been one of the main annual fundraisers for our parish and your membership will make an important contribution to parish funds.