Children & Youth


Lent promises

Children's Liturgy takes place during term times at the 9am Family Mass and all children and young people are invited to come out after the opening hymn until the end of the Intercessory Prayers. Children gather in four different age groups away from the congregation. Here they share the Gospel, after which the reading is explained to them at a level appropriate to their age. After the reading, they have the opportunity to ask questions and explore the Word at a deeper level. The younger groups will take part in a mix of activities – colouring, puzzles, songs, etc to bring the story to life, whilst the older groups are helped to think about the real meaning of the reading and how they can relate it to their lives. When the discussions and activities are finished, the children return to resume the Liturgy with the rest of the congregation, with the Years 3/4 helping take up the Offertory and the younger groups gathering on the altar to show what they have been doing.

Throughout the year we celebrate special events often with Arts & Crafts workshops or special family activities - Advent, Easter, Pentecost and Back to School, along with Children's Masses each term.


Please see Kathy Slattery after Mass or any of the other parent helpers.