Our Parish Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday, 13 October and was attended by 38 parishioners.  Read this year’s Annual General Meeting Minutes – find out what Fr Michael had to say and see what the Finance Committee Chairman reported about our parish finances. Copies are now available from the website or church porch, alongside the 2019 Parish Annual Report. Paper copies can be requested from the Parish Office.

The Parish Annual Report is an excellent report of the activities in the parish over the past year with a wealth of information about what has been achieved and ongoing groups and activities in which you might be interested.  You may download the report from the link above and read at your leisure.



The Parish (Pastoral) Council is a consultative body drawn from parishioners to advise the Parish Priest.  

It meets three times a year (or more often if required) to discuss parish issues and provide guidance on parish affairs. Its purpose is to come together in prayer to ensure that the activities and aims of parish groups are within the parish vision and mission, and that they contribute to the further development and needs of the parish.

The Parish Council Constitution sets out how this committee operates. 


John Bates - Chairman and Health & Safety
Fr Michael Spain - Parish Priest & Vice-Chairman
Fr Bob Davies - Carmelite Community
Kevin Murphy - Finance Committee
Vacant - Safeguarding
Sally Taylor - Evangelisation Forum
Vacant - Liturgy & Church Forum
Vacant - Outreach Forum
Kasia Misiewicz - Pastoral Forum
Nan Jacobson - Social Forum
Kathy Slattery - Youth Forum
Doreen Pooley - Mass Representatives
Joan Barham - Secretary

Any matters requiring Council consideration should first be raised with the appropriate group, or if one does not exist, an officer of the Council. Please direct any queries to the Chairman or Secretary via the Parish Office.


There are no scheduled Parish Council meetings for 2020 at the current time, nor has a date been confirmed for the 2020 Annual General Meeting.  This will be reviewed and updated as and when Covid-19 restrictions are eased.  In the meantime, if parishioners have any matters to raise then they should email the Chairman via the Parish Office.

Minutes of the last meeting held on 5th March 2019 can be found here.


Parish ministries, groups and organisations are known as groups. Those with similar volunteer interest/work within the Parish are organised into Forums.

Each group determines how frequently it meets and how it communicates. Every Forum elects someone to represent them on the Parish Council.

The Evangelisation Forum includes the following Groups:  Adult Faith Formation, Baptism Formation, Charismatic Prayer Group, Ecumenical Church Leaders Pray Together, Men's Group, Pilgrimages and Retreats, Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.

The Liturgy & Church Forum includes the following Groups/Ministries:   Bookshop, Church/Brass Cleaning, Eucharistic Ministers, Flower Arrangers, Mass Readers, Music Ministry, Eucharistic Adoration, Repository, Rosary Circle, Sacristans.

The Outreach Forum includes the following Groups:  Catholic Women’s League, Justice & Peace, Friends of Life/Pro Life Group, London Run, Slough Homeless Our Concern (SHOC), Third World/Cameroon, Traidcraft.

The Pastoral Forum includes the following Groups: Ministry for the Disabled and St Vincent de Paul (SVP).

The Social Forum includes the following Groups:  Coffee Rota 9am & 11am masses,  Events Team,  Tea in the Pot.

The Youth Forum includes the following Groups:  Altar Servers, Children's Liturgy, First Holy Communion, Confirmation Class, Youth Group.