altar servers january 2019ALTAR SERVERS

Boys and girls of any age are welcome to become altar servers. The only requirement is that they have made their First Holy Communion and are interested in helping the priest and serving God in this unique and special way. Training courses are run and usually determined by the level of interest and demand. Please provide your details here if your child would like to participate in this ministry and you will be contacted OR give your details to one of the priests of the parish office.


This special ministry is an extraordinary one and the Parish Priest invites people to participate.


Each Mass has a rota of readers and should you wish to take part in this liturgical activity please contact Fr Martin or Fr Bob.


We are dependent on Mass Representatives to help create the right welcoming, inclusive ambience in our churches and parish and to ensure that everyone participates in the celebrations of the services as they wish. The Mass Representative is sometimes the only person that members of the congregation connect with as they attend services. 

We are fortunate that our current Mass Representatives have been with us at St Joseph's a number of years and have great experience and knowledge as well as possessing the necessary attributes that are required of a Mass Representative. 



Today the Church acknowledges that the entire worshipping assembly exercises a ministry of music. Some members of the parish, however, have a special gift to lead the liturgical music. Different groups provide the music at the variety of services which we have in the parish.


Children sing and play musical instruments at 9am Mass each Sunday. The choir also sings at other services where children of the parish are particularly involved, including the First Holy Communion celebrations and special Christmas and Easter services. There are other opportunities when the choir participates in services in the community to bring comfort to the elderly and sick.

Practices are held after the 9am Mass in the Hall each Sunday. All are welcome. If a child is keen to join please speak to Mrs Jacobson or come along to the Hall on a Sunday.


The choir at Denham has been building in strength and numbers over the last few years. We have a small core group that gets bolstered now and then with some of our singing chums from St Joseph's. Richard Cottle, organist and choir leader, has written arrangements for the hymns and Mass parts. The first Sunday of each month is a sung Mass, while all the other Sundays include nice hymns, music and sometimes soloists to support the Mass at this lovely Church.