Resources such as worksheets and links to online videos for children, with blogs for teens and articles for parents.

For Children

Look is a worksheet for children in Reception to Year 3, providing Gospel-focused activities and games.

Ichthus is a leaflet for those in Year 4 and above, with text of the readings and Gospel in age appropriate language, additional teaching elements and prayers.

Both of these are included in the weekly email to registered parishioners.


For Parents and Teachers

CAFOD has provided National Assembly resources for schools for the seasons which can be used both in the school setting for collective worship, as well as at home.  They inform, inspire and encourage children at a time when they may really need it.   CLICK HERE to be informed, be inspired and become active.


Teen Liturgy


Lifeteen reaches out to teenagers and helps them understand the Church in their own terms.  Check out “Don’t Waste Your Quarantine” by Faith Noah, who explains that “quarantine” comes from the Italian quarantina, meaning “forty days.”  Hello!  A quarantine is a form of Lent!  Noah encourages teens how to use the quarantine to create order in one’s life.  “Order will change your life. Make a schedule. Map out every hour if you need to.  Eat your meals at the dinner table, and not on the couch.  This structure will be a game-changer.”  And there’s a blog, “Holy Hobbies,” advising teens on how to give spirituality to things teens enjoy doing.


Parentlife educates parents on teen culture so that they can be empowered to guide their teenagers through the modern world.  It has content to help guide you through the very challenging and blessed years of raising teenagers.


CAFOD - Virtual Children's Liturgy of the Word

Parents and children are encouraged to join CAFOD online every Sunday at 10am for prayers and reflection on the Sunday Gospel. The liturgy is led by catechists who would usually be leading children’s liturgy in their parish and is based on CAFOD children’s liturgy resources.

Sessions last approximately 15 minutes and it takes less than a minute to register.  You will also find downloadable activity sheets to keep your little ones busy.


Colour and Shape - Children's Liturgy Online

In the current climate people are responding to the challenges of not being able to come together for Sunday Mass.  A lady from the Celebrate community has crated "Colour and Shape" on Facebook as a way for families to gather in prayer and share God's Word together.  Videos are posted on Saturday evenings, ready for use on Sundays.

Colour and Shape children's liturgy online