Our normal Mass Schedule resumes as from Monday 6 September.  The Mass Times for each day are listed below.  The churches are open for all of these Masses and those taking place at St Joseph's Church continue to be broadcast via our live stream.

St Joseph’s Church is now open daily for morning Mass and remains open throughout the day until 5:30pm.  On Saturdays the church is closed after the evening Mass.  You are most welcome to visit the church to say a prayer or light a candle.

Mass Times at St Joseph's Church

Monday to Friday at 7am and 9am

Saturday at 10am and 5:30pm (Vigil Mass for Sunday)

Sunday at 7:45am, 9am, 11am and 5:30pm

Bank Holidays at 10am

Mass Times at The Most Holy Name Church

Sunday at 9:30am

Mass Times at the Bridgettine Convent

For details of Masses and Services at the BRIDGETTINE CONVENT in Iver Heath please contact the Bridgettine Sisters on 01753 663520 or 01753 663027.

Saturday at 4:30pm (Vigil Mass for Sunday)

Sunday at 9am

Please note that there is very limited space in the chapel so people still need to book in advance if they wish to attend Mass.  Bookings for weekend Masses must be made via Ann Saunders.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available throughout the week by appointment. The priests are very happy to meet with anyone (outside or inside as people prefer) if they wish to receive this sacrament.  Please call the Priory on 01763 886581 to make the arrangements.