The London & Slough Run continues every Monday.  Our guests are not being provided with any accommodation during the current lockdown so they are still out wandering the streets.  Please bring your sandwiches, boiled eggs, soft fruit, crisps, drinks, individually wrapped cakes and small chocolate biscuit bars (such as penguins or two finger kit-kats) to the Parish Centre by 12 noon on Monday.  You can leave your donations on the table just inside the door from 7:30am onwards.

We ask that you mark each sandwich bag clearly, stating what the contents are.  Preferred fillings are ham, cheese, tuna, peanut butter, marmite or jam.  Jars of peanut butter, marmite or jam for sandwiches would be most welcome.  Thank you for your continued support.

We continue to provide basic foods to needy families in Slough as well as the guests we housed.  The number of families in need is increasing, especially due to one-hour contracts.  Non-perishable goods such as breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, tuna or tinned meat needed; as well as bananas, oranges or satsumas.  Please leave your contributions at the Parish Centre any day of the week and we will deliver them on your behalf.

If you would like to contribute financially you can donate via our website or you can make a cheque payable to “London & Slough Run” and drop it through the letterbox at the Priory.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANYTHING OTHER THAN FOOD.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions we do not have the volunteers to sort any other donations.  We do not require any clothing, bed linen or china at present.  All our clothes storage facilities are now completely full.


Thank you for your generosity - it is making a big difference to the lives of many.


Prayer for Homeless People

Hear our prayer today for all women and men, boys and girls who are homeless this day.

For those sleeping under bridges, on park benches, in doorways or bus stations.

For those who can only find shelter for the night but must wander in the daytime.

For families broken because they could not afford to pay the rent.

For those who have no relatives or friends who can take them in.

For those who have no place to keep possessions that remind them who they are.

For those who are afraid and hopeless.

For those who have been betrayed by our social safety net.

For all these people, we pray that you will provide shelter, security and hope.

We pray for those of us with warm houses and comfortable beds that we not be lulled into complacency and forgetfulness.

Jesus, help us to see your face in the eyes of every homeless person we meet so that we may be empowered through word and deed, and through the political means we have, to bring justice and peace to those who are homeless.



The London & Slough Run helps the homeless and people in need.