The Parish Office is now manned twice a week on Mondays and Fridays by volunteers, see times below:

  • Monday from 9am until 12 noon
  • Friday from 10am until 12 noon

If you want to get a Mass Card, arrange a Mass, add someone to the Bidding Prayers, book an appointment, make an enquiry, collect forms/letters and so forth, someone will be on hand at the reception desk during these times to help you.

Keep up to date with the latest parish news and activities in the parish newsletter.  If you do not currently receive parish emails and would like to, please get in touch on

IF you do not currently receive the weekly parish email you may add your family to the parish register by completing the online form which may be found here.


Newsletter links

16 June Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
9 June Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
2 June The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
26 May The Most Holy Trinity